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Gilbert Sports Law is a sports law company devoted to the protection of athletes and sport entities’ rights, issuing legal advice on different sports matters, representation in sports arbitration and litigation including contract matters, anti-doping, intellectual property, sports related conflicts, sports products and other related cases.

As a pioneer in Sports Law in Rwanda, we offer legal services to athletes, sports federations, leagues, clubs and other relevant stakeholders in the field of sports, with a view to helping the industry of sports to comply with existing laws and regulations on a national and international level in light with regular management and decision – making process.


Nowadays sport has achieved a significant level of impact on people: on their personal, social, and professional life. The question of sport and law is steadily becoming a key item not only on the agenda of both national and international sports policy but also of the sports movement. Sports law encompasses different legal fields such as contract law, commercial law, arbitration and litigation, regulation and governance law, employment law, media rights and intellectual property law, Tax law, gambling law, criminal law etc. Thus, It is imperative for all stakeholders in the sports sector to seek legal assistance in their everyday operations to ensure proper governance and compliance in the sports ecosystem.

 As the popularity of sport grow, more sport related legal disputes and legal issues continue to rise. Given that sport sector operate in a very unique way in comparison to other economic sectors due to its monopolistic and pyramid structural organization which enables sports entities to exercise their regulatory powers in a highly effective manner there is a need of legal practitioners vested with special knowledge of the sports movement operations in this particular sector to assist all concerned actors in the sector in compliance with all relevant regulations and national law.

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